Dear customer, Despite the threat and rapidly evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus, we want to inform you that we are still fully operational and that we can support you. We believe it is important to communicate and share with you our continued commitment to the safety of our products and operations.

Our current high standards of food safety, hygiene and sanitation are mandated, and we are already accustomed to a very high level of security.

  • MVT Food Company tries hard to assess carefully if the supply chain causes hazards. All of our networks are composed of the steadfast farmers, suppliers and trustworthy employees. We seriously monitor our supply chain closely according to the latest health authorities’ rules/needs in each market where we operate.
  • Our Company continues to maintain close communication with supply chain and logistics partners to understand the specific situation within their businesses.
  • Additionally, one aspect of our company is ensuring that staffs are properly trained in food hygiene – employees should not touch products with their bare hands and should not be working in the establishment if they are ill.
  • The protective clothing and disinfectants are available and personals and products hygienic conditions are under control in the whole supply chain.
  • Keeping all workers in the food production and supply chains healthy and safe is critical to surviving the current pandemic.
  • Beyond workplace safety, it is crucial to create an environment that fosters social distancing or isolation to protect the vulnerable. We care about the health of our employees, the main asset of our organization, which is why it will be regularly assessed. Further measures will be taken when needed, to ensure their safety.

Be assured that these measures and regulations are implemented and evaluated on a daily basis, to guarantee the safety of all our products.

We are here to provide safe and nutritious food for all families.

Best Regards

Mohammad Voosooghmand



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